Zanadu (Zee) Huxley has enjoyed many years of writing stories, songs, and poetry.

In the 1990’s, she wrote a weekly column, Midnight Ramblings, for the then popular website Themestream where she had many followers who enjoyed her diverse collections of stories and poetry.

The idea for Zee’s first novel, Bon Voyage, My Love: Ticket to a Mixed Plate Paradise, was dreamt up one summer by Zee and writer friends Amy Baskett and Anna Pacheco, using the “free writing” technique. Sometime later she rewrote the story into an offbeat cozy mystery but gives credit to the collective group for the story’s original conception.

Zee lives on the Big Island of Hawaii but not in a grass shack or a tree house like the Swiss family Robinson. She likes the thought of it, but there are strict building codes against such romantic ideas as these. She forages for food in her backyard jungle, is a gourmet health food cook, and a vegetarian who eats meat.

Ms. Huxley’s main goal in life is to help save the world. Though she has been accused of being an armchair activist, she will never give up on her goal. Besides all that, she does not own an armchair. She does, however, own a red canvas recliner, which is in actuality a piece of lawn furniture that she keeps in the living room, passing it off as a piece of European modern decor.

Zee has several books waiting in the wings, including a continuation of her first cozy mystery novel. She is currently working with a partner on a screenplay.



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